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cerita 11: Fahrenheit

Fahrenheit or Fei Lun Hai is a Taiwanese band composed of four members: Aaron -Yan Ya Lun, Jiro -Wang Dong Cheng, Calvin -Chen Yi Ru, and Wu Chun. With their looks, talent in singing, and great acting in dramas, they became very popular in Asia in a flash.

  • AARON/炎亞綸

English Name: Aaron
Chinese Name: Yan Ya Lun
Real Name: Wu Genglin
Nickname: Ah Bu
Cantonese name: Yim Nga Leun
Korean name: Yeom Ah Ryun
Vietnam name: Viêm Á Luân

Profession: Singer, Actor
Date of birth: November 20, 1985
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 177cm
Weight: 62kg
Blood Type: O
Family: Parents, younger sister
Star Sign: Scorpio
Zodiac: Ox
Band: Fahrenheit
Temperature: 41 F, Cold (Winter); Represents: Mi (Heart-Throb)
Education: Cultural University Department of Journalism Language
Interests: basketball, singing, dancing
Favorite Actor: Andy Lau
Favorite Actress: Ariel Lin
Favorite Male Singer: Harlem Yu and JJ Lin
Favorite Female Singer: Lin Fan and Fish Leong
Favorite Genre of Music: Soul, rock, pop, R&B, hard rock, and, jazz
Favorite Things: Thoughtful things
Favorite Colors: Green, blue, yellow, and, black
What he looks for in a girl: Personality is more important

Interesting Facts:
- the youngest one in the group
- he injured his leg before
- he was discovered from Yahoo
- was in the Competition: 2004 Xin Guang San Yue 2nd Session Sunny Boy Selection Taipei Area (Preliminary Contest)
- plays the piano and flute
- never worked part-time
- best known for his mesmerizing eyes and his killer “cry” pose
- the most emotional one in the group
- given the name Wu Genglin because his father’s surname is Wu and his mother’s surname is Lin, so his name became Wu Gen (and in Chinese) Lin

  • JIRO/汪東城

English Name: Jiro Wang
Chinese Name: Wang Dong Cheng
Nickname: Da Dong
Cantonese name: Wong Dung Sing
Korean name: Wang Dong Seong
Vietnam name: Uông Đông Thành

Date of birth: August 24, 1981

Height: 180cm
Weight: 68kg
Family: Mother
Star sign: Virgo
Zodiac: Rooster
Blood Type: O
Shoe Size: 7.5
Band: Fahrenheit , Dong Cheng Wei
Temperature: 95 F, Hot (Summer); Represents: Ku (Cool)
Education: Fu Hsin Trade & Arts – Advertising Design
Interests: fitness, bands, drawing
Pet Phrase: You’re not joking, are you?!
The most embarrassing event: the time where he wore his top inside out
The most memorable event: college’s graduate ceremony
What he looks for in a girl: traditional, conservative, a girl who can stand his childish behavior

Interesting Facts:
- appears cool on the outside, but is very passionate and humorous
- he was a model before
(2002 – ) modeling
Model of Naomi Kino & Akihe deki Nimula (for 3 seasons)

- first one in the group to enter the entertainment industry
- plays the guitar
- he draws VERY well
(the comic figurines on the Singapore coupon is drawn personally by HIM!)
- he likes colours related to the nature
- he loves and cares about his mom a lot
- most expensive thing he has brought is his mike
- he is probably the second most emotional guy in the group
- best known for his energetic and facial expressions/gestures/poses

  • CALVIN/辰亦儒

English name: Calvin Chen
Chinese name: Chen Yi Ru
Cantonese name: San Yik Yu
Korean name: Jin Yeok Yu
Vietnam name: Thần Diệc Nho

Profession: Actor, Singer
Birthdate: November 10, 1980
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 184cm
Weight: 65kg
Family: Parents, older sister
Star sign: Scorpio
Zodiac: Monkey
Band: Fahrenheit
Temperature: 77 F, Warm (Spring); Represents: Shuai (Handsome)
Education: University of Victoria BC; Post Graduate degree in Economics; Masters
Interests: tennis, singing, work out
Talents: can speak and understand Mandarin, English, Taiwanese, and Cantonese
Pet : Dog
Car : A grey sportcar with two doors
What he looks for in a girl: fair skin, straight-long hair, confidence, charisma, he believes in love at first site

Interesting Facts:
- Canada’s AM 1470/FM 96.1 Sunshine Boys 2004 winner in Vancouver
- prepares for interviews by writing down what he wants to say
- studied in Canada after he graduated from high school
- the number; 7 is his lucky number apparently (which explains his “7″ poses???)
- best known for his smile and “cold” jokes
- he won first place with a free ticket to Taiwan and a contract with a music company, as well as a role in a drama

  • CHUN/ZUN-吳尊

Real name: Goh Kiat Chun / Wu Ji Zun
Nickname: Lu Ju Ren, XiaoLin Zun;吳尊
Cantonese name: Ng Jeun
Korean name: Oh Jon
Thai name: Ngô Tôn
Date of birth: October 10, 1980
Birthplace: Brunei Darussalam
Height: 181cm
Weight: 73kg
Blood type: O
Family: Parents, older brother, older sister
Star sign: Libra
Zodiac: Monkey
Band: Fahrenheit
Occupation: Artiste
Hobby: Temperature: 59 F, Cool (Autumn); Represents: Shen (Mysterious)
Interests: FOOD, basketball (used to be a National Basketballer for his country), fitness, travel, cooking, reading books, listening to music, going to the movies, 任何新奇的事務
Talents: speaks, with varying degrees of fluency, Hokkien, Taiwanese, English, Malay, Mandarin, and Cantonese
Dislike: 半途而廢 & Hypocrite!
Fav. Music: Depends
Fav. Colour: green
Fav. Food: Anything except oily & fatty foods
Fav. Drink: Mocktail
Fav. Movie: Braveheart
Fav. Season: Spring
Fav. Flower: Lilies
Fav. Cartoon Character: Superman
Fav. Place: New York
The City most Wanted To Visit: New York
First Date: Age 16
What he looks for in a girl: respectful to elderly, kind heart, real, feeling is most important
Personality: Shy, forgetful, career-minded

Interesting Facts:
- he used to be a personal trainer
- was a free-contract model for Yi Lin
- discovered by Ella’s older sister’s
- owns a gym in Brunei named Fitness Zone; another branch is opening up this year
- likes to eat a lot hence the dubbed name; “Eating King” from the other members
- used to play the drums when younger
- was a chubby kid when he was younger
- best known as the memeber with the good-looking butt and big watery eyes
- he is also known as the “daddy” of the group
- He was the last member to join Fahrenheit before they shot to fame.
- He comes from a rich family background as his family is the Sole Dealer of Mitsubishi Motors in Brunei, of which the business is named Goh Hock Kee Motors. The name Goh Hock Kee was named after his grandfather.

Sudah baca Harap balas ye. Love you more.

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